Jack & the Vox

Victoria Vox and Jack Maher join forces to inspire audiences, young and old, through the power of song. The two met at the Berklee College of Music (Boston) where they studied songwriting. Reconnecting 18 years after first meeting, the two married, and now live in Costa Mesa, CA. 

They continue to work on their independent projects, Jack: Feed the Kitty, and Victoria: Victoria Vox, but occasionally, they have the guilty pleasure of performing together. Jack and the Vox is a moniker almost too good to be true! Together their musical style is Americana with a hint of jazz, blues, and pop. 

They perform mostly originals, written as solo artists, or as collaborations, but they are also known for having a good time, playing unexpected cover songs in unexpected places. Currently, they are writing songs together for their debut album.

"we'll do it anywhere"... (cab, laundromat, kitchen...)