Boston, MA - Uke Meet Up (sold out)

Clements Photography Studio, 535 Albany Street, Boston, MA

Singer, songwriter, ukulele recording artist, Victoria Vox is coming back to the New England area and is stopping by the Stewart Clements Photo Studio to conduct a workshop and concert. This is not to be missed!

Workshop description: Using open strings between changes to create sonic texture Using open strings is a great way to add texture and atmosphere to any chord progression. By adding open strings to even the simplest chords, you can create chord movement, not necessarily written in the changes, which may sound more sophisticated. Not quite a hammer on, this technique makes changing chords easier (and fun) to play.

A couple Song examples will be: ‪The Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go ‬ ‪Victoria Vox: Kick It Back‬

Come for the workshop - stay for the concert. Cash at the door.

Workshop/Concert: $25 Concert only: $15